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Sibelius is possibly the most popular software for writing, playing, printing, and publishing music notation for Novices and Professionals.

Why Sibelius First?

Sibelius is one of the most user-friendly notation programs and is widely used across the music industry. Sibelius First is a free program that gives budding composers access to the fundamentals of notation in songwriting and other compositions.

What can you do with Sibelius First?

Sibelius First is the quickest, simplest way for anyone to start learning music notation. It comes with a very intuitive interface for score creation, with many built-in smart tools that produce amazing results automatically. Teachers can guide student progress through sticky notes and comments, or take advantage of the included instrument library to demonstrate how scores will sound in real life. When students are done composing, it’s easy to show off their accomplishments—turn scores into videos, share directly to social media, export for iPad, print, email, and more.

What can be expected of our in-house Sibelius Lessons?

  1. Notate a piece complete with dynamics, articulation, chord symbols, and any other relevant text
  2. Input notes via Flexi-time and MIDI keyboard (and how to setup MIDI keyboard in Sibelius)
  3. Drum and guitar notation

You could spent hours online going through YouTube videos, or invest 2 – 2.5 hours with our patient Teacher and learn the basics of playback and note entry, how to incorporate tempo markings and lyrics into sheet music, and many more tips and tricks.

Here are some sample lesson projects we will walk you through:

Project 1

  •  Opening a score
  •  Editing and inputting notes
  • Selections and copying music
  • Playback, text and dynamics

Project 2

  • Creating a new score
  • Clefs, key signatures and tuplets
  • Marking up a score
  • Layout and formatting
  • Exporting

Project 3

  • Writing for keyboard
  • Writing for guitar / ukulele
  • Drum / Cajon notations
  • Chord Symbols
  • Repeats and codas
  • Arranging and playback

Project 4

  • Setting up a worksheet
  • Scales and arpeggios
  • Layout and formatting
  • Writing music to picture
  • Adding a soundtrack to video
  • Publish and share your masterpiece!
  • And more……

We get you up to speed quickly, so you could focus on what you do best!

The Instructor is an active composer with a BA(Hons) Music, specialising in Music Composition and Arranging.