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Q. If I run late, would my lesson be extended accordingly?
A. If there are back-to-back lessons or if the teacher has other assignments, extension will not be possible. Please always plan to arrive early.

Q. If I can’t make it to lessons, are there replacements/make-ups?
A. We allow up to 2 make-up credits per term, provided the notice is served before 5pm a day before the lesson day (PH or not). If the notice is served on the lesson day itself, a M.C is required. By default, the first replacement lesson will be scheduled on the school break week (refer to our school calendar). If that is unavailable or you need to use up another make-up credit, it will be scheduled according to the Teachers’ availability. All make-up credits can be carried over to a maximum of one term only, provided the student continues to the next (paid) term.

Q. I’m going on a holiday, can I get a replacement class?
A. In the month of June and Dec, we allow our students an extra make-up credit out of goodwill (with proof of travel). The same policy for replacement lessons shall apply.

Q. Why are there limits to replacement lessons?
A. First, the school and our teachers have reserved specific hours and studio rooms for our students. This is a business cost. Second, learning music is similar to training in sports; consistency and frequency are key pillars to a successful learning journey, hence prolong breaks are not encouraged. Third, music schools that allow “unlimited” replacements often translate that into much higher fees.

Q. With these replacements policies and limits, isn’t a home-based private tutor better?
A. This is a personal choice. We can only share that there are many benefits to learning in a school environment. Young kids in particular, focus and learn better in an enclosed class setting. It is a fact that many kids are distracted in their homes, are uncomfortable under watchful eyes, or take too many water and toilet breaks during lessons. Our school also provides opportunities for students to perform in recitals. In addition, we have a library of repertoire and reference books within reach and offer services for exam recordings and submissions.

Q. Can I request for a temporary stop due to my child’s PSLE or other major exams?
A. Yes, the pause should be less than 3 months though. The school reserves the right to reallocate your child’s lesson slot during this period.

Q. What’s the difference between make-ups and re-schedules?
A. A Re-schedule applies when you wish to move the lesson time within the lesson day itself or within the same weekend (for Sat/Sun lessons) so you could attend a birthday party or a wedding event etc. There are no limits to re-scheduling but they are subjected to the Teachers’ schedules and the Studio Rooms availability.

Q. When is fee payable?
A. School fees are payable before the start of each term, regardless if there are outstanding make-ups from the previous term. An admin fee of $15 is payable for any late fees submitted. If the fee remains unpaid 2 weeks into the new term (regardless which day the lesson falls on), an automatic withdrawal process will kick-in and the lesson will cease after 2 additional weeks

Q. What’s the withdrawal process like?
A. Lessons will cease 4 consecutive weeks after you served the withdrawal notice in person. Any balance in deposit/fees will be returned on the last day of lesson. No make-up credits will be allowed during this 4 weeks’ notice period, unless the Teacher is unavailable. Note that the 4 weeks’ notice shall include school breaks or public holidays, if any. Deposits must be claimed within 3 months upon withdrawal or lesson pauses, unless otherwise approved by the school.

The school exhibits more flexibilities in make-ups for students at level Grade 5 and above. Having said that, a minimum of 70% attendance is expected to keep pace with the higher learning progress. If the school feels that this flexibility is being abused, the school reserves the right not to replace the missed lessons or even terminate the students’ lessons.

The school’s decisions on make-up, extension and late fees are final.