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EMusic Studio has over a decade of teaching profile, where we started off specializing in piano, violin, guitar, cello and guzheng lessons in Singapore. We are now located at Bukit Merah Central with plenty of amenities nearby.

Our lessons are based on the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (London) syllabus, RSL (Rockschool), NAFA just to name a few, but one’s music journey isn’t just about exams. That’s why we provide contemporary piano and strings instrument lessons too. We strive to make our learning environment a fun one to all our students (both kids and adults alike).

If you are looking for a less commercialized music school with greater flexibility on lesson structures, we are possibly the “boutique” studio you could find in this neghbourhood. Join us today, and take the first step towards a fulfilling musical journey for life

Courses Offered

Music Time / Music Journey

Age 4 – 5 yrs, Individual / Group

Get your kid excited about music with this lively and engaging course!

Graded Classical Piano / Intensive Music Theory

Grade 1 to 8 and Diploma levels, Individual / Group

Blossom into a well-rounded musician and take the next step toward a professional level of music.

Graded Classical Violin / Cello

Grade 1 to 8 and Diploma levels, Individual / Group

Enjoy the soulful sounds of the violin and acquire the technical skills to play with ease.

Cool Music ( Pop / Jazz)

Piano, Teenagers / Adult

It’s never too late to pursue your dream of playing the piano or keyboard.

Guitar Lessons

Age 5 yrs & above, Individual / Group

Learn how to play your favorite pop songs by strumming chords or plucking the strings.

Ukulele Lessons

Age 5 yrs & above, Individual / Group

Discover the simple beauty of the ukulele, an instrument that originates from Hawaii but is growing in popularity worldwide.

Guzheng Lessons

Age 6 yrs & above, Individual / Group

Quiet your mind and listen. You’ll find the guzheng is one of the most beautiful and expressive instruments around.

Kalimba Lessons

Learn how to play the Kalimba at our Music Studio. Play it for fun or amaze your loved ones at your wedding event!

Rockschool (RSL) Lessons Syllabus

If taking the traditional Classical Music program is not your preferred learning path, why not consider the Rockschool syllabus?

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